Private Rented sector

The housing market is changing. Once a market where growth in home-ownership seemed inevitable and getting a foot on the property ladder in your early twenties was accessible to all, today we are faced with a very different market and attitude towards the place we call home.

Over the last 25 years there has been a major shift in housing which has led to an increased bias to private renting both out of choice and out of need. These changes have their roots in the more tenure neutral housing policies that have been adopted since the 1980s, the impact of which has been amplified by the general undersupply of homes and the affordability challenge that would-be homebuyers face.

Equity and Capital has been working with, and championing, the Private Rented Sector (PRS) since its formation and in that time we have seen significant developments and improvements in the sector.

Equity and capital are mandated with selected funds and in partnership we are helping funds acquire stock in the UK to meet there ambitious targets
If you are a landowner in the UK and would like a free consultation we would be happy to sit down and discuss your options , were looking for land that has the ability to accommodate a minimum of 100 units that has easy access to transport links and local employment.