Equity and Capital are Independent commercial and residential agents with offices in north and central London.We are well placed to serve throughout London, Essex and Hertfordshire with national client led partners across the Home counties and the rest of the UK.

We Specialise in commercial property related transactions and prime residential property,with specific expertise in development opportunities and helping clients maximise their earning Potential

We tailor our sales approach to match our clients requirements which in the majority of cases is an all market sales strategy.We also offer a confidential service where discretion is paramount and which involves utilising personal relationships and contacting potential buyers form our vast database who are keen to progress off market opportunities.
Sales Strategy

Stage 1 (2 weeks )
At this stage we would be in receipt of offers which will be presented to the client to establish if they meet their expectations.This will involve our recommendation whether an all market sales strategy may be a more value added approach.

Stage 2 ( 6 weeks)
We would normally advertise for 4-6 weeks and during this period you will receive weekly updates of any Interest received and viewings conducted,very often we will take desirable properties to a best bid situation to help you achieve the best price possible.

Stage 3
We have an association and a shareholding in an established auction company which is proving to be a great success with fantastic results being achieved.As supply has decreased many consumers have turned to auctions with record prices being realised.The reserve price will be discussed and confirmed prior to the auction date to ensure we achieve the desired outcome.

All the above is inclusive on your initial fee.


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